"Football game, a game which is considered as one of the most popular team sports game" with the maximum number of countries following the game. The game is so popular that some of the players has been considered as gods by their fans.

The world cups, to league matches all are being following from millions of fans around the world.

So have we ever checked how well do we know the game, if not then now is the time to test our football knowledge via this quiz game.

You could play this quiz game on browser or in our Knackbout mobile app

"This game can be played" in single player mode by launching the game, or you could create bouts and play with your friends in an online live quiz mode.

This game is best for people who want to test their football knowledge. 

The "Quiz Your Football Knowledge" is currently divided between 3 levels. Every question is time bound and upon every correct answer your will receive points. There are no negative scoring in this game.

"On completion of the game" you will receive Knackbout cash along with badges. 

Depending on your score level your ranking will also improve on the game specific leaderboard and overall leaderboard.

These type of games also will help you in testing your football game knowledge skill and will help you in improving your overall knowledge.

You could also use this skill to create and play bouts with your friends all around the world.

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