"In today's fast paced life", we try to maximise our tasks within the timeframe. Due to which our reliance on modern day gadgets has increased phenomenally. As these gadgets help us in completing our tasks fast and with efficiency.

Now that our reliance on gadgets are at the epitome, lets find out how well do we know our gadgets. In this game you will be tested on different gadgets knowledge. The quiz will test your gadget skills.

You could play this game on browser or in our Knackbout mobile app.

"This game can be played" in single player mode by launching the game, or you could create bouts and play with your friends in an online live quiz mode.

This game is best for people who want to test their gadgets knowledge skills. 

The "Quiz Your Gadgets Skill" game is currently divided between 3 levels. Every question is time bound and upon every correct answer your will receive points. There are no negatice scoring in this game.

"On completion of the game" you will receive Knackbout cash along with badges. 

Depending on your score level your ranking will also improve on the game specific leaderboard and overall leaderboard.

These type of games also will help you in testing your gadget skills and will help you in improving your overall knowledge, which could be used in your competetions, daily routines or even for some job interviews.

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