" This game is best for people who are starting with C " or who wants to test their C fundamentals. In this quiz you will be tested on C programming basics.


The C quiz game is currently divided between 3 levels. Difficulty level increases per game level.  Every question is time bound and upon every correct answer you will receive points. There are no negative scoring in this game.

" C is a general purpose programming language " and one of the oldest programming language which is still widely used. C language is used to develop deskptop applications, device drivers, compilers, tools, hardware utilities.


C is a fast and efficient programming language. In this game you will be tested on different c features and fundamentals. The quiz will test you from C history to variables, data types, keywords, operators, constants etc.


The game can be played on the web browser and also from the Knackbout mobile app.

" On completion of each level you will receive Knackbout cash along with badges. "

Depending on your score level your ranking will also improve on the game specific leaderboard and overall leaderboard.

These type of games also will help you in preparing for interviews as well as any online examinations. 

Also upon testing your skills you could start playing Bouts with others across the globe.

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